My gift is my song, and this one’s for cheese.

Homage to Fromage

Chers fromages, I love you,

And there’s so many of you

Here in the land of the frogs!

Cantal and roquefort and tomme de Savoie,

Saint-Félicien, Saint-Nectaire, and gouda…

I don’t discriminate; I love you all–

My palate is wide, my appetite tall.

But lately our love affair’s gone a bit cold.

With age you get fancy,

While I just get old.

I can’t burn you off like I did in the past,

You fuse with my thighs, set up camp on my ass,

Make even my arms acquire jiggly mass.

I guess I’m just saying is it’s time for some space

A wee time apart– please don’t give me that face.

It’s not you, it’s me– have to watch LDL.

We’ll blame my BP and agree not to dwell…

And let’s be honest I’ll probably be eating a cheese plate two hours from now.



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  1. C-Rose says:

    This is amazing, may I please share it on Twitter or Facebook?

    Also, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. J says:

      Haha thanks, of course you may!


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