A Break in the Radio Silence

As much as I like connecting with people via WordPress, I’ve been largely silent, blog-wise, since I left France last year. But I enjoy this platform and I’m in the mood for some idle digital chatter, so… hey there!

Since my last post in September, I’ve become local to a new place: London. To make a very long story short, I’m studying in a year-long MSc program, after much deliberation and financial strategizing. It’s keeping me busy and stressed-out and strapped for cash, but I love exploring the city in my spare time.

Stay tuned for London tips, rantings and ravings about British culture, and more teaching, travel, and grad school (especially related to media and communications research) insights. If you’re interested in media and communications, by the way, I keep a second nerdy and self-indulgent blog on the subject at macamedianut.wordpress.com.

“See” you soon! Probably. Maybe. If I finish my summative essays and job applications and dissertation research and exam revisions.

double-decker bus

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  1. I’m excited about this post. And I really like that London photo.

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