A Break in the Radio Silence

As much as I like connecting with people via WordPress, I’ve been largely silent, blog-wise, since I left France last year. But I enjoy this platform and I’m in the mood for some idle digital chatter, so… hey there!

Since my last post in September, I’ve become local to a new place: London. To make a very long story short, I’m studying in a year-long MSc program, after much deliberation and financial strategizing. It’s keeping me busy and stressed-out and strapped for cash, but I love exploring the city in my spare time.

Stay tuned for London tips, rantings and ravings about British culture, and more teaching, travel, and grad school (especially┬árelated to┬ámedia and communications research) insights. If you’re interested in media and communications, by the way, I keep a second nerdy and self-indulgent blog on the subject at macamedianut.wordpress.com.

“See” you soon! Probably. Maybe. If I finish my summative essays and job applications and dissertation research and exam revisions.

double-decker bus

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  1. I’m excited about this post. And I really like that London photo.

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