6-Day Wander: A Tasty Sorrento Panino

TL;DR: Eat all the pizza.


Hiking Tips for Indoor Kids: The Day Backpack

I think a lot of potential hikers get scared away by the GEAR: there's so much of it, and it's so expensive, and ads for it often feature impossibly rugged-looking people clinging to cliff faces. Sure, for a long trek that involves camping or climbing, major supplies are essential. But day hikes, or even multi-day hikes with... Continue Reading →

Budget Beds: Greatest Hits

When you travel a lot, all the beds you've slept in start to blend together; even some of the best and worst accommodation experiences become a blur of white sheets. But every once in a while, a place stands out– for its unbelievable location, gorgeous decor, interesting ambiance, or fun extras. Traveling on a limited budget like mine might... Continue Reading →

Hotels and Hostels in Airbnb Times

Airbnb is great in theory: stay in someone's luxurious home for a price half that of the local low-end hotel. I was grateful for it when I needed somewhere to stay while I was looking for an apartment and didn't want to impose on friends for too long, and I admit the potential for some affordably awesome experiential travel through the... Continue Reading →

Best Travel Moments, 2015

This post is a reflection on 2015, but the featured image was taken in 2010 at a train station in Granada, Spain. It's a favorite of mine because it's the best I've been able to capture the feeling I get as I'm about to embark on a trip of any kind. The train door stands... Continue Reading →

Art Pilgrimage: Cave of Niaux

By the sound of it, the woman behind me was somehow managing to fall in every single puddle as we hurried after our guide, a physically nimble but socially awkward guy in his late twenties who'd warned us that if we didn't rush we'd risk an abridged tour. The CO2 in our breath threatened the existence of the very thing... Continue Reading →

Two-Day Wander: Toulouse, Niaux Caves, and Carcassonne

As the calendar flips by and I get used to the probability that my geographical future lies outside France, I start to feel a sort of constant, creeping urgency. It's forced me to focus on more fully exploring France. Ironically, this effort to pull away without regrets makes it harder to pull away at all.  My latest jaunt took me to the southwest, to the... Continue Reading →

Worrying About Climate Change From 35,000 Feet

I have very little patience with climate change denial, and even less patience with spluttered, "even if the climate is changing we're still not sure it's human-caused" hold-outs. The science is solid, the climate is changing, and quickly, and on a trajectory that could ultimately be disastrous for all of us, regardless of how much of that change can be attributed to... Continue Reading →

Time Travel: May, 2014 – Slowing Down in Split

I was very unpopular in beautiful Croatia. Despite my best efforts to abide by all spoken and unspoken rules and to be apologetic for my ignorance as I navigated the country's unpredictable off-season transportation and accommodation logistics, the people I came across were impatient and bitchy with me. I was almost tossed off of long-distance... Continue Reading →

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