6-Day Wander: A Tasty Sorrento Panino

TL;DR: Eat all the pizza.


Budget Beds: Greatest Hits

When you travel a lot, all the beds you've slept in start to blend together; even some of the best and worst accommodation experiences become a blur of white sheets. But every once in a while, a place stands out– for its unbelievable location, gorgeous decor, interesting ambiance, or fun extras. Traveling on a limited budget like mine might... Continue Reading →

Worst-Kept Secret

The Cinque Terre secret is REALLY out. Not that Cinque Terre doesn't deserve it - the collection of five tiny towns, clinging to the vertiginous Ligurian coast like pastel-colored barnacles and connected by scenic paths that wind through olive and lemon groves high above the sparkling Mediterranean, is enchanting. But the towns' charming small size also means... Continue Reading →


Growing up in the United States, I was always “the Italian one” in my group of friends. This was a huge stretch – I’m only half Italian, and my grandmother’s cookbook contains about as many nods to Betty Crocker as it does to the homeland. My grandparents never taught me any of the language, insisting... Continue Reading →

Weekend Wander: Turin

Torino (or as we anglophones call it, Turin) is an elegant, manageable city full of life, both in and outdoors. Host of the 2006 Winter Olympics, there’s plenty of Alpine action for skiers and hikers, but for those who hate shivering, there are approximately two million little museums to explore, a good deal of reasonably... Continue Reading →

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