Time Travel: Lisbon, February 2014 – To Fado and Living in the Moment

Tasca do Chico, a well-known fado bar in Lisbon (Rua do Diário de Notícias) is a small place crammed with wooden tables, benches and, on fado nights, people. Fado, a type of Portuguese folk music that traditionally features mournful singing by a single vocalist with various guitar accompaniment, is still popular today in concert venues and some... Continue Reading →


Six-Day Wander: Lisbon

Before arriving, I knew embarrassingly little about Lisbon. I could tell you where to find it on a map, and I made sure I knew a handful of phrases (“Do you speak English?” being one of them), but in my mind Lisbon was a vaguely sunny blank I decided to visit mainly because it was... Continue Reading →

“Lisboa” in Pictures

A few moments from my little trip to Lisbon, colorful city of tile. The days were filled with steep hills, narrow streets, outdoor beer-drinking, sweet-smelling flowers, and buttery yellow light.

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