The City: My Improbable New York Addiction

In what almost feels like another lifetime, I lived and worked in New York City. It's something I think about a lot, especially when people here in France ask me where I'm from (the suburbs of Boston, technically) and what I miss about my hometown and city (not much). I do miss a lot of things about New... Continue Reading →


Passport for ‘Amurca

The newest version of the American passport befits our international reputation as the least subtle of nations. It's got a bald eagle emblazoned across the front page, and every page thereafter boasts an equally AMERICAN subject: Cowboys! The Liberty Bell! Grizzly bears! Mount Rushmore! It's like they asked Clint Eastwood to cry on a few pieces of paper... Continue Reading →

Time Travel: Avignon, May 2014 – Tater Tot Hot Dish

Hampus, my new Swedish hostel-friend, suppressed a smirk as he looked around the table at the horrified faces of his audience. He'd just finished telling us about a Swedish culinary tradition that involves eating a fish so rotten that the can it comes in bulges with putrid gases (how you know it's ripe, apparently), a bit of trivia he revealed while he ate... Continue Reading →

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