14 Surprising Things About Living in the UK

I had certain expectations in me about what “life in England” must be like. Now that I live in the UK, I can tell you that some of those expectations have been fulfilled (the Brits really love tea) and some disappointed (but they’re actually not that polite, sorry-not-sorry). However, there are a few little things about living here that have taken me completely by surprise.

Covent Garden Is Not a Garden

A friend and I once spent at least forty-five minutes looking for the famous “Covent Garden”, walking back and forth across Covent Garden market in search of… an actual garden. For the uninitiated, Covent Garden is a neighborhood around a covered market…

This area of London is pretty and not too crowded, studded with great cafes and bakeries and restaurants and shops… here are some favorites.

My Best of Northwest (London)

I’ve lived on a big hill in northwest London for the last two years, first in Belsize Park and then partway between Hampstead and Golders Green. It’s a lovely part of town, bustling but peaceful, and a bit hoity-toity (but fortunately the views of the London skyline, and Hampstead Heath’s tangled, leafy expanse are both free).

From ceilidhs to baba ganoush, here are my favorite things to do and see and taste in northwest London…

My Muddy Valentine

Sleeper train to Cornwall, where I walked along its coast and ate its mussels and scones


Bath, England is as cozy as its name