I’ll have a breu-nee, please.

One of the funniest things I do on an almost daily basis is pronounce English words with a French accent so that French people will understand me.

What ze ‘ell? French Habits You Won’t Find on a List of Stereotypes

Many Americans have a mental image of “French Life” that runs somewhere along these lines: smoking at outdoor café tables, bicycling alongside a river with a baguette under an arm, wearing scarves and generally looking “chic,” drinking wine while discussing culture and art. And of course, all of this takes place with the Eiffel Tower as backdrop,…

French Tact

The following is loosely translated from French: Me: So, what else do you want to ask your American penpals? 10-year old French student: Are you fat? Me: That’s not a very nice question- and it’s also a stereotype. French student: Write it, write it! Me: They’re going to think French students are very impolite. French…

Cultural Tells

These mannerisms are like little poker tells – they would shout, “BONJOUUUUUUUR!” if I saw them outside of France.