The 10 Best Things About Living in France

I'm leaving France at the end of this month after almost three years living and working here. My work contract is up and I'm ready for something new, but I can't help feeling melancholy about leaving. Getting ready to say "au revoir" has me reflecting on what I'll dearly miss about France...and what I really, really won't.... Continue Reading →


I’ll have a breu-nee, please.

One of the funniest things I do on an almost daily basis is pronounce English words with a French accent so that French people will understand me. This most often happens with food: I'm currently sitting in a café waiting for the Ee-reesh Crem ("Irish Cream,"  on the menu) Latté that I clumsily attempted to order with... Continue Reading →

The Customer is Always…

This is a crash course in customer service philosophy across cultures. Business 101 in America: the objective is to get your customers to spend money, period. Sometimes this objective is pursued at the cost of employees' dignity, happiness, and integrity, but, for good or ill, every American knows the mantra, "the customer is always right." This... Continue Reading →

Best Travel Moments, 2015

This post is a reflection on 2015, but the featured image was taken in 2010 at a train station in Granada, Spain. It's a favorite of mine because it's the best I've been able to capture the feeling I get as I'm about to embark on a trip of any kind. The train door stands... Continue Reading →

Two-Day Wander: Toulouse, Niaux Caves, and Carcassonne

As the calendar flips by and I get used to the probability that my geographical future lies outside France, I start to feel a sort of constant, creeping urgency. It's forced me to focus on more fully exploring France. Ironically, this effort to pull away without regrets makes it harder to pull away at all.  My latest jaunt took me to the southwest, to the... Continue Reading →

Not My First OFII Rodeo

I've received new visas for each of the periods I've worked in France, so I've been to OFII (Office Français de l'Immigration et de l'Intégration) for the "visite médicale" four separate times. I'm a pro at this point and, to OFII's credit, the process now looks like a well-oiled machine when compared to my other... Continue Reading →

Day Hike: Lacs de la Pra

I'm so fresh off this hike that the soreness hasn't fully hit me yet ("it will," hiss my vindictive knees and hips in menacing whispers, "it will"), but I wanted to get this post up before the cold really settles into the mountains. The Lacs de la Pra are a smattering of tiny lakes in the Belledonne mountain... Continue Reading →

Quick Lesson Ideas for Desperate Teaching Assistants (and Other ESL Teachers, Too)

"So... what does the curriculum look like?" "I'm not really in charge of English." "Oh. Who is?" "Well, you." This was the gist of the conversation I had on my first day of work at one of the French elementary schools I taught at. I know an assistant who once arrived at her school to find that no one was... Continue Reading →

11 TAPIF Must-Dos

If you've decided to embark on the Teaching Assistant Program in France, chances are you already have the travel bug and an interest in deeply discovering a foreign place instead of skimming its surface like the average tourist. There are lots of ways to take advantage of your resident expatriate status while living abroad and to do... Continue Reading →

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