Heaven is a Train From Hell

The number of times a day I think the words people are the worst probably qualifies me as a misanthrope. Or maybe just someone who loves people so much at their best that she's let down when they fall short? Yeeeeah, that's it. Don't worry, I'm hard on myself, too. Anyway, a long-distance train so packed that... Continue Reading →


Two-Day Wander: Oban, Scotland

I still can't fully explain why visiting Scotland feels like I'm mainlining some missing part of my soul, but my trip to Oban last fall was no exception. Located on the west coast of Scotland (the Firth of Lorn, to be exact - isn't that a lovely name?), Oban's an easy, scenic train ride from... Continue Reading →


Bath, England is as cozy as its name– IF you go in the off-season. Suggestion: early May, in my opinion the loveliest time of year for England. The sun comes out in earnest and everything– every bush, every patch of grass, every tree, every crack in the pavement–blooms. Even in May, Bath crawls with tourists,... Continue Reading →

Quick Jaunt: Bristol

Bristol: historically important port, modern-day university town. With the largest circulating community currency in the UK and loads of local events and institutions, Bristol is doing its own thing, comfortable in its own, quite hip but unselfconscious, shoes. I took a quick trip to Bristol by train from London last year– maybe my meandering will inspire... Continue Reading →

Quick Jaunt: York

This photo pretty much epitomizes York, England– and, to be fair, most small towns and cities in the UK: They're sleepy, homogeneous (skewing whiter and older), and nowhere is the prevalence of motorized scooters and mini malls higher. But the quaint scenery and relative calm makes for a nice escape from the big city (and,... Continue Reading →

Day Hike: Seven Sisters

England can feel claustrophobic: it's dense, laced with gray highways and aging malls and hulking supermarkets, and too often straddled by gray skies. The air, even in the suburbs, can be acrid. One of my favorite escapes is just a day trip away from London: the Seven Sisters coastal hike. The Seven Sisters are a... Continue Reading →

Laters, East London!

A very belated tribute to the neighbo(u)rhood(s) that launched me into London. I've had a soft spot for East London for a while*. On previous visits to the city, it was an affordable but central area to stay in. I liked the cobblestone streets and lamp-posted alleys, the blend of old and new, dusty and... Continue Reading →

Grad School in the UK: My Two Pence

Apparently I was totally lying in April when I said I was going to get back into blogging. I find other blogs to be a useful resource, untainted by the cut-and-paste tactics more mainstream outlets increasingly employ, and using this space has been a nice way to connect with likeminded people. So: welcome back to... Continue Reading →

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